To date, I have saved the Lives of 14 Puppies with Parvo Virus, I have fed and still feed 23 Stray Dogs and many cats in Niforeika, Alykes and Allisos. I shelter at My Home (also the Headquarters of the society) 7 Dogs and 7 cats,, I also tend to another 7 Dogs that are sheltered in a cooperation with the other society of Kato Achaia, I have built 3 cages at that site which were funded by the Municipal. I also built 1 cage at the Headquarters with membership and Donation funds. I also purchased 1 battery operated Power drill and 1 Angle drill for the purpose of making more cages at Headquarters, I have found homes for 8 Puppies and advise 2 of them on how to care for there Pet. I’ve designed, implemented and Administer a website by the name of for local news and publishing pets for adoption in the municipality of West Achaea. a whole page in the newspaper Peloponnese was dedicated to this effort you can see that here, In the following Days I will take another 2 female dogs to be neutered. Thank you for reading, please join our team.